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"Yesterday, I used one of the free recovery programs and performed recovery process to get back a deleted AVI file from my Mac hard drive. I could successfully recovered deleted AVI file, but when I tried to play that file on media player, it was stating as corrupted. From that moment, I was feeling regret for making use of such unreliable recovery software to restore data from Mac hard drive .Is there any reliable software to repair recovered AVI file? If it is available, please let me know so that I can easily fix AVI file and make the file play again. Thanks in advance"

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Hi everyone, I get explore to the new thing that may helps you all the way. I came to know that there are possibilities of repairing recovery AVI file. As many people using this way to repair AVI file and getting access to the digital data again. The way is very simple that is making use of prominent software which can employs repair corrupt AVI files with the help of its advanced features and also the new options that are added recently in this software. This software has good user interface that even new applicant can make use of it for repairing AVI files, it is just need to do to download the version of this software and get access the digital data of AVI file with ease.

Windows OS is also have much craze in the world as many people like to use it on their system .there is chance that files get lost from the Windows machine as similar as Mac. Windows file can be get recovered in just few simple mouse clicks with the help of the advanced recovery software. Check this out the demo version of this recovery software which helps to evaluate the effectiveness of this software. Now let us see some more specialties of this software to know why this software has got this much of craze in the market.

More Features of this Utility:

  • Issues related to repair recovered files can be get solved with the help of its inbuilt features, as it is specially designed for repairing video files of encoding with the different coding techniques.
  • It is recommended as one of the best AVI file repair tool as this software allows users in fixing of different file formats of video file like AVI, XVID, DivX etc.
  • This Software has ability to adjoin audio stream data as well as video stream data of the AVI file side by side after fixing the recovered AVI file.
  • Windows and Mac machine latest versions are also supported in fixing AVI file even if it is corrupted after recovering.

With the above features, this software works for you to get access the digital data stored in the AVI file. Even though file become inaccessible because of many reasons, this software let you to again to play video AVI file on the QuickTime media player again and also capable of playing AVI file by changing file format. Now it is time to discuss, in which instances repairing is needed after performing recovery of AVI file.

Why there is need to repair AVI video file after performing recovery?

When hard drive gets damage because of any reasons may result in loss of data. In order to recover files from the damaged hard drives, visit this page Commonly in many cases, you may see that file will be in healthy state after performing recovery for the lost or deleted file to get back digital data stored in the AVI file. But you may across such cases also, where you need to opt for repairing AVI file even after performing recovery session as in these cases, files are not healthy.

There are many reasons for the unhealthy of files after recovery process. Out of all, in my view, main reason behind unhealthy of file may be using of unreliable software. As these unreliable tools fails to perform complete action of recovery which results in corruption of AVI file, If the file are corrupted, then file becomes inaccessible. Other reasons such as recovering tools may change the file format of the original file for restoring digital data. This also may cause inaccessible of AVI file.

Download Repair AVI for Windows Buy Full Version

Download Repair AVI for MacBuy Full Version

Steps to Repair AVI Video File after Recovery:

Step 1: Download and install the Recovery application to repair AVI video file. Launch the application and select "Repair AVI Video File" from the main screen.

Repair recovered AVI file: Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select "AVI File". Then choose to perform repair and click on "Next" button to initiate repairing of AVI video file process.

Repair AVI File: Choose AVI File

Fig 2: Preview AVI File

Step 3: Once repair process is done, then you can "Save" the repaired AVI file.

Repair Corrupt AVI Files: Save Repaired AVI File

Fig 3: Save Repaired AVI File

Download Repair AVI for Windows Buy Full Version

Download Repair AVI for MacBuy Full Version

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