Recover exFAT Partition Data

Have you lost or accidentally erased exFAT partition from your computer hard drive? Do you want to restore exFAT partition after accidental deletion? If it is so, then do not get worried. Now, it is extremely simple to get back lost or deleted exFAT partition using partitions recovery application. Just read the following sections carefully, they have been included with a detailed information on exFAT partition recovery.

For the sole purpose of recovering exFAT partitions from computer hard disks, there exists a Partitions Recovery tool. If you make use of this restoration application, then within moments you’ll be able to recover exFAT partition whether they have been deleted or else lost from the hard drive. Partitions Recovery application is an amazing recovery tool and has many unique features. Each and every feature of the application proves to be very supportive, if you want to carry out exFAT partition recovery. Let us discuss those features in detail, before that let’s begin with some important reasons on account of which exFAT partitions may get lost.

Scenarios of losing exFAT partitions:

  • Repartitioning errors: Adding partitions to the hard disk which is already divided in sectors is called as repartitioning. This repartitioning process should be done with proper care. Even a minor error while repartitioning can result in big disaster and you’ll lose the available exFAT partitions from the hard disk. However, Partitions Recovery tool can easily help you to recover exFAT partition just within a fraction of minutes.
  • Antivirus erasure: When an exFAT partitions gets infected by virus then usually you’ll make use of antivirus app to chase the bug out of your system. While scanning, if antivirus finds severely infected exFAT partition then antivirus will delete that infected partition.
  • File system corruption: On account of any known or unknown reasons, if file system gets corrupted then exFAT partitions become inaccessible and ultimate they’ll get lost. But, Partitions Recovery app has the ability to perform exFAT partition recovery in a very effective way

Under these above described scenarios, if exFAT partitions get lost then just get the help of Partitions Recovery software and get back exFAT partitions.

Excellent features of Partitions Recovery software:

Partitions Recovery tool is a powerful utility in which a smartest scanning engine is been included, this scanning makes the application perform a deep scan and recover exFAT partition from the hard drive. In a very limited time span the application will complete exFAT partition recovery process . This effective tool can restore exFAT partition on all new versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc. To recover deleted XP partitions, follow this link: This incredible recovery application can be used recover data from various storage devices including external hard disks, memory sticks, USB drives, memory cards and many other secondary storage devices. With the help of this recovery application, you can recover different types of files including videos, audio files, pictures, Word files, Excel files, and so on. The application will not only restore exFAT partition, but also it can recover other types lost or deleted partitions such as FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, etc. By using this software, you can recover data from formatted hard drive as well. It’s a graphical user interface recovery utility for using which no assistance or any special skills are needed.  

Steps to perform exFAT partition recovery:

Step 1: Download and install demo version of this application on your system and then launch it. After that, select “Recover Drives” option from main screen to retrieve exFAT partition.

exFAT Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After that, select your logical drive from the list and click on "Next" button to initiate recovery process as shown in fig 2.

exFAT Partition Recovery - Select Hard Drive

Fig 2: Select Hard Drive

Step 3: When the recovery operation is over, you can easily "Preview" the recovered files as shown in fig 3.

exFAT Partition Recovery - Recovered Files

Fig 3: Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite (10.10) Users