Restore Data from Hard Drive Partition

Partitioning is a logical part of hard disk which is used to store and manage the data. By making the hard drive partition, data read / write operation can be done quickly and also reduces the complexity of the system. Generally, user divide their system hard drive in several parts, these parts are known as partitions and these hard drive parts represent as C drive, D drive or E drive. User can divide hard drive according to their convenience. Sometime, you may come across a state where the hard drive partition become inaccessible or deleted unintendedly and you will be unable to access data store in that particular partition.

Are you enouncing such accidentally deleted partition issue? Do you want to get back your deleted partition data? Here is the solution of above mentioned questions. Partition Recovery is one of the best tool which is capable to recover data after accidental partition deletion. Now the question is how to recover data after accidental partition deletion? By making the use of Partition Recovery application, you can easily restore data from accidentally deleted hard drive partition. This software has built with advanced scanning algorithms which performs deep scanning of deleted partitions and get back each bit of data as it was previously.

Causes which lead to deletion of hard drive partition:
  • Like as files, you may unintentionally delete hard drive partition during erasing unwanted or unused partition. Hard drive partition may become inaccessible due to several causes, in such case you may delete that unreachable partition and face data deletion issue.
  • In Windows system, drive partitions can be managed by using Disk Management utility. Sometimes, during re-allocating the hard drive partition size with the help of this built-in program, if any error occur, then the entire data saved on that drive will get removed.
  • Due to virus or malware attacks, you may re-install the operating system to make system free from such issue. During this re-installing process, if you select a wrong partition and delete them, then the entire data stored on particular drive get erased.
  • File system corruption is one of the most common causes for partition data deletion. If any file system related error occur which may also a reason for data deletion from particular drive partition.

Whatever can be cause behind partition deletion you can easily restore them easily by making the use of Partition Recovery Software. It is a powerful utility which is capable to recover data after accidental partition deletion from both Windows and Mac based operating system easily. It supports to restore data from deleted partition which can be in any file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS, NTFS5 and HFS+. The trial version of Partition Recovery tool is available by which you can check the performance of it. This application restore data from SD cards along with other storage drives including external hard drives, USB external hard drives and FireWire drives. It supports various Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, including Mavericks, Win 7, Win Vista, XP, Yosemite, Win server 2003, Leopard, Win 8, Lion and Win Server 2008.

Simple steps to restore data after accidently partitions deletion:

1: Download and and install Partitions Recovery application on your computer. Just after installing it, a welcome window will display asking you to select one option among three. Select "Recover Partitions / Drives".

Figure A: Welcome Window

2: Select "Partition Recovery" option in the next screen. And afterwards select the hard drive from which you want to restore partition data from the list of identified drives and then click "Next" button to start scanning of partition as shown in Figure B

Windows 10 Partition Recovery

Figure B: Select Hard Drive

3: Once the scanning is completed, Partition Recovery program will display list of drive partitions that have been found. Select appropriate partition, which you want to recover, then click "Next" button as shown in Figure C

Windows 10 Partition Recovery - List of Identified Partitions

Figure C: List of Partitions

4: In next step, it will start scanning process to restore data from deleted partition and it will show you list of recovered files as shown in Figure D.

Figure D: Recovered Files